President Mugabe launches Julius Nyerere book

Front cover of the book launched by President Mugabe
Back page of the book Julius Nyerere, Asante Sana, Thank You Mwalimu

President Mugabe is set to launch a book published in honour of the founding Tanzanian President, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere at State House this afternoon.

The book is entitled Julius Nyerere, Asante Sana, Thank you Mwalimu and it was co published by Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC), House of Books, African Publishing Group in Zimbabwe and Mkuki na Nyota of Tanzania

Julius Nyerere, Asante Sana, Thank you Mwalimu is a compilation of articles by scholars and his speeches. In attendance are cabinet ministers, service chiefs, scholars, writers and ambassadors.

Back page of the book Julius Nyerere, Asante Sana, Thank You Mwalimu

12:30 Pres Mugabe takes to the podium now. Speaks glowingly of Phylis Johnson who is co-editor of the book. “You are marvelous woman a rare species.  We don’t find such many in the western world.”

12:33 Nyerere is an eminent symbol of unity and freedom.  The book covers a wide range of thematic areas including Africa’s struggle for political independence, says Pres Mugabe.

12:35 Nyerere had a multiple function of carrying the burden of African countries pursuing independence. He sacrificed and suffered so much. He is a man really, who has no comparison ~ President says.

12:38 “I was overjoyed that the building under construction to house the African Union peace and security council will be named after Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.”

12:40 President Mugabe adds that Nyerere’s ‘links with china became our links with China.’

12:41 “The west will pretend, demand and punish but Look East, you have a friend who will always feel like you, a friend prepared to share your struggle with you. We followed Mwalimu’s tracks to the east. Today our relations with China are solid. The book is a befitting tribute to a great statesman, liberator and pan African par excellence,” says President Mugabe.

12:45 “Mwalimu contributed immensely to the establishment of Pan African Freedom Movement of East and Central Africa, a precursor to the Organisation of African Unity. Mwalimu’s belief was that Freedom and independence would only be achieved if people worked together.”

12:50 Pres Mugabe says on the eve of the Geneva conference, Mwalimu united them in Dar es Salaam and this resulted in the Patriotic Front of  October 1976.

12:53 “We decided there is no need to disappoint those who assist us. He also unified his own people of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.”

12:55 Nyerere has been described as an unwavering visionary leader who ‘stood by us all liberation movements in Southern Africa.’

12:57 “He inspired the birth of the continental body, OAU, offered to host the OAU liberation committee in Dar es Salaam and it became a centre where we went for training, logistics and guidance,” says Pres Mugabe.

13:03 His Excellency says Mwalimu’s farsightedness saw him forging relations with MAO of China and this saw a rail way line being established between Tanzania and Zambia.

13:06 “Today, China-Africa cooperation sympolised in FOCAC has deepened tremendously and this is indebted to Mwalimu who nartured this relationship.”

13:07 President Mugabe is now concluding his speech and thanks editors of the book which he described as a masterpiece adding that Nyerere is true liberation icon

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