The Plea to the Poor 1977

The Plea  to the Poor 1977, Julius K. Nyerere

Mr. President; Your"Excellencies;-Ladies' and Gentlemen.
I am going to speak to you about Poverty, or more specifically,.the relations between the Haves and the Have-nots of the World. Your country is the richest in the world. With some 6 per cent of the world's population I am told that you use over 30 per cent of the non-renewable resources available in a year.

My own country, Tanzania, has the doubtful distinction of being included among the United Nations list of the 25 poorest countries of the world. Perhaps it is not surprising, therefore, that I am one of those people who complain bitterly about the present world economic system and loudly demand that it should be changed. I would like to try to explain what, as we see it, the problem IS, and why the poor nations are demanding fundamental changes.

We are all involved.