Unity for a New Order 1979, Arusha 1979

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen.
It is my duty and my pleasure to welcome this meeting, and every one of you, to Tanzania and to Arusha. I suspect that some of you may have found that your accommodation gives you too frequent a reminder that this meeting is being held in an under-developed country. I want to assure you that we tried hard! I hope, however, that you will not find your rooms or the facilities so unsatisfactory that you cannot do your work properly. I also hope that there will be an opportunity Tor you to see something of Tanzania. We have a lovely country, and we would like you to enjoy your stay here as well as to serve your countries and the whole Third World.

The Agenda of your Conference is very long; it deals with very important matters. Many technical questions are involved, in which details and percentages can mean the difference between the usefulness or otherwise of a proposal or suggested negotiating position. And these details are the reality of working for a New International Economic Order; unless careful attention is given to them (especially by those entrusted with negotiating power) the Third World demands are mere rhetoric.