The Story of Julius Nyerere, Africa’s Elder Statesman

Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the founding father of Tanzania, is one of the pioneers of African nationalism and Pan-Africanism. He was not only the principal actor in the struggle for Tanganyika's independence but he was also at the forefront of the liberation of central and southern Africa.

Title: The Story of Julius Nyerere, Africa's Elder Statesman - From the pages of DRUM
ISBN: 9976 973 52 7 (Mkuki na Nyota)
ISBN: 9970 02 153 2 (Fountain Publishers)
Publishers: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers Dar es Salaam - Tanzania
Fountain Publishers: Kampala - Uganda

After independence, he united Tanganyika and Zanzibar to create the modern Republic of Tanzania. For twenty three years he presided over the affairs of Tanzania and forged a distinct Tanzanian national identity.

He played a key role in the formation of OAU, the East African Community and was the leader of the Frontline States in the liberation struggle against white-ruled southern Africa.
He ruled peacefully, retired voluntarily and oversaw a peaceful transfer of power to his successors. The story of Nyerere captures the most significant milestones in his leadership of Tanzania and Africa as a whole.

Contents: Preface - The 1800s to the 1950s - Independence
"The uncertain years - African Socialism - The years in between - Zanzibar - Nyerere's last decade - The end of an era.