The President, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere’s Address to the National Assembly 1965

The President, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere's Address to the National Assembly Tuesday, 14th December, 1965

Mr. Speaker, Members of the National Assembly, Ladies and Gentlemen.

My purpose today is to explain the policies and attitudes of the Tanzanian Government one month after the illegal Declaration of Independence by the racist minority government in Southern Rhodesia.

The policies of Tanzania, and of Africa, in relation to Southern Rhodesia, have always had one object, and one object only. That was, and is, to secure a rapid transition to independence on the basis of majority rule. On this subject every action we have taken, every speech we have made, has been intended to further (hat purpose.  We have no other.

The declared policy of the British Government- successive British Governments - in relation to all her colonies has been the same. Our past disagreements with Britain have been on the basis of her performance in particular places at particular times-not really on the basis of ideas.