The Economic Challenge 1975

The Economic Challenge, Dialogue or Confrontation, Address-given by President Julius K. Nyerere to the Royal Commonwealth Society 21st November, 1975 - London

Royal Commonwealth Society Speech 21st November, 1975, The Economic Challenger Dialogue or Confrontation

Mr. President of the Royal Commonwealth Society; Your Excellencies; Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have chosen to speak today about Poverty for three fairly obvious reasons. First; Poverty or more specifically the relations between the rich and the poor - is a very topical, and in some quarters, contentious subject. Second: this is a Commonwealth Society. At Singapore in 1971, in its Declaration of Principles, the Commonwealth declared "We believe that the wide disparities in wealth now existing between different sections of mankind are too great to be tolerated" Both at Ottawa in 1973, and at Kingston earlier this year, Commonwealth leaders have been discussing what should be done about these intolerable disparities between rich, and poor. So the Commonwealth is concerned. And third; my country does not belong to the Third World. In the latest parlance it belongs to the Fourth World. Poverty is. a. very urgent matter to us; along, with the Freedom .Struggle it is at the core of all our national activity; it would therefore be absurd for me not to talk on this subject with you.