Non Alignment in the 1970

First, let welcome all our guests to Tanzania. We are very happy to have you with us for this important Preparatory1 Meeting of the Non-Aligned Conference, and I speak on behalf of everyone in Tanzania when I express our good wishes for the success of your work.

You have a great deal to do. Obviously, the first responsibility of the Preparatory Conference is to fix the place and date of the Summit Conference, and to make other procedural arrangements for such a meeting. Yet 1 do not believe that any Government would have sent such high-powered delegations to this gathering if that was all it had to do. Indeed, a meeting would not have been necessary just to fix a date and place; these things could have been arranged through diplomatic channels with a considerable saving of time and expense!

For the fact is that the Summit Conference will be the more successful the greater the amount of ground which has been cleared beforehand. If this Preparatory Conference can spell out areas of unanimous agreement, the later meeting will not have to spend time on them.