Farewell Speech by the President, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Nov. 1985

Farewell Speech by the President, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, at the Diamond Jubilee Hill Par es Salaam: 4th November 1985. During the long period during which I have had the good fortune to lead our country, I have made very many speeches to Tanzanians. Today, in my last speech as President of the United Republic, I have only one extra thing to say.

To every one of you individually, to all people organised together in villages, in cooperatives, in professions, in voluntary organisations contributing to our development, to all honest workers in Government and Parastatals - to everybody - I say thank you very much.

Since we began to govern ourselves I have been the leader, first of Tanganyika, and then of the United Republic of Tanzania. Time and again you have re-elected me and thus expressed your continued confidence in my ability to do the job you needed done. And in the last few weeks you have paid many tributes to my work as President of our country. You have forgiven, even if perhaps you have not forgotten, my many mistakes of commission and commission.