A Time of Struggle 1980

Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members of Parliament.
This is the last session of the current Parliament, and in accordance with the Constitution i have already published the Notice" calling for elections when this Sitting has ended.

In 1975, when this Parliament was elected, the economy of Tanzania was described as being in a worse condition than at any previous time since independence. Unfortunately our troubles did not end that year. The whole Five Years of this Parliament has been a period of difficulties. We have had drought, floods, war, and the problems arising from the break-up of the East African Community. And like all other

Third World countries we have had to face great increases in the price of oil and in the price of manufactured goods. Therefore this Parliament began at a time of difficulties, and it ends at a time of difficulties.
Today I do not intend to give a long description of our progress and our problems during the past five years; nor do I want to survey the statistics of our achievements and future plans.